1. The current year National Federation Rules and the Wrestling control Plan as stated in the
NYSPHSAA State Handbook will apply.

2. MATCH TIME: Varsity to follow JV match. Home school will establish start time.

3. No seniors will wrestle for team points at the junior varsity level but may wrestle exhibition

4. REQUIRED SUPERVISION: Minimum of one adult Supervisor (faculty chaperone or security guard). One adult timer.

5. POSTPONEMENTS: On the first available date for both schools.

6. Weigh-ins: Will adhere to the procedures as stated in the NYSPHSAA Handbook.

7. COACHES MEETINGS: Attendance is required at a pre-season Section IX Coaches Meeting.

8. ADVANCE NOTIFICATION CONCERNING NUMBER OF MATCHES: Schools that have less than a full JV team will notify the opposing school far enough in advance to allow the Home School to notify/cancel referees and to set a different starting time.

9. All weight classes including the 96 lb. and 275 lb. weight class will be wrestled for all Section IX contests.

10. Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

a. When a wrestler is disqualified from a match or meet for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct, the following action will be taken:

1. First Disqualification – that wrestler(s) cannot attend or participate in the next scheduled match.

2. Second Disqualification – that wrestler(s) cannot attend or participate in the next two scheduled matches.

3. Third Disqualification – that wrestler(s) cannot attend or participate in any remaining scheduled matches including sectionals or any higher level of competition.

b. The official who disqualifies the wrestler(s) will notify the OCIAA Athletic Coordinator, prior to 12:00 noon the following day, of the name(s) of the wrestler(s) and the type of infraction(s).

c. The coach of the wrestler (or wrestlers) who was disqualified will notify his/her Athletic Director, the Athletic Director will then contact the OCIAA Athletic Coordinator’s Office to confirm that the wrestler or wrestlers will not be allowed to participate in that school’s next scheduled match or matches as required above.

d. A wrestler(s) who is disqualified from a meet or match, will not be allowed to be present at the site of any match that player(s) has been disqualified from participating in (home or away).

e. For unsportsmanlike violations that occur during the Section IX season, penalties will carry over into
sectional tournament.

f. Disqualifications from season carry over to the next season of participation.

11. Championships:
a. Section IX Wrestling consists of four (4) divisions: Each division will recognize a champion. The following procedure will be followed.

1. Head to head between the teams that are tied.

2. In the event of a three (3) way tie the New York State Wrestling Federation Handbook will be used.

12. Awards (Varsity Only):
Plaques 4 Division Champions (Teams)
Patches Each individual school may purchase their own patches if they choose to do so.

13. Information regarding the Section IX Tournament, seeding, weight certification, assessors,
Section IX Duals Tournament and other aspects of Section IX Wrestling can be found in the
Section IX Wrestling Coaches and Athletic Directors Handbook.

14. Modified (7th and 8th Grade)
Wrestling programs and competition will be conducted as specified in the NYSPHSAA Handbook.