Adopted June 7, 2006
School Year 2006-2007

1. The current year FIS and USSA Ski Rules will be used with the NYSPHSAA Handbook. However, the NYSPHSAA Handbook will have priority over the FIS USSA Ski Rules.
A. A ski meet will consist of two runs for each varsity racer.
1. Meet: The combined time of the two runs will count towards team scores for each meet. Only the top four race places will count in determining team results for a race. Ghost times will be allowed if necessary.

The best of two runs will count for individual points for Sectionals. Each racer will score the same number of points as his/her race place.

2. Only the four best times of a racer will count for Sectionals. If a school drops their team(s), the number of required races will be decreased by two for each school dropping a team.
a. Team rosters must be submitted to Division I and Division 2 Coordinators prior to the start of the season. If additional racers are added during the season, the coach must call the Division Coordinator to verify.

3. The decision of an officials’ jury is final. No video will be used for disqualifications.

2. The league will be divided into two divisions.
A. Each team will ski all teams from its division a minimum of 6 times, 3 in slalom and 3 in giant slalom.

B. If a team can not make a scheduled meet because of weather conditions, it is the responsibility of that team to notify the ski area and the Athletic Coordinator’s Office. The schools will be called by the Athletic Coordinator’s Office by 1:00 p.m. The meet will be rescheduled for the next available date.

C. The scheduled time of races at Holiday Mountain and Mt. Peter will be 4:30 p.m. The scheduled time of races at Belleayre is 10:00 a.m. There will be a 10 minute grace period. Teams arriving late will fill in on the first run. Second run will follow seed order. There will be no exceptions to the starting time unless all teams agree.

D. Teams will be seeded based on the schedule.

3. Unsportsmanship Conduct
A. When a coach is ejected from a meet, please refer to NYSPHSAA Handbook # 27.
B. When a player(s) is disqualified from a meet for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct, the following action will be taken:

1. First disqualification – that player(s) cannot attend or participate in the next scheduled meet.
2. Second disqualification – that player(s) cannot attend or participate in the next two scheduled meets.
3. Third disqualification – that player(s) cannot attend or participate in any remaining scheduled meets.

C. The coach of the player(s) who was disqualified will notify his/her athletic director and then contact the OCIAA Athletic Coordinator’s Office to confirm that the player(s) will not be allowed to participate in that school’s next scheduled meet or meets as required above.

D. A player(s) who is disqualified from a meet will not be allowed to be present at the site of any meet that player(s) has been disqualified from participating in.

E. For Unsportsmanlike violations that occur during the OCIAA season, penalties will carry over into sectional play. Once penalties are served, sectional unsportsmanlike conduct rules apply.

4. Championships
A. There will be two divisions for both girls and boys. Division champions will be determined (division opponents only) from league slalom and giant slalom races. Results of invitational giant slalom races will not count. If there is still a tie after using the point system, the following will be used to determine the division champion:

1. Head-to-head between teams that are tied.
2. If teams are tied, co-champions will be declared.

B. OCIAA/Section IX Championship

5. Section IX Championship
A. The top racers (20 boys and 20 girls) from each division based upon total points accumulated from their best required number of races will qualify for the Section IX Championships.
B. Anyone tied for 20th racing position in either division may participate.
C. Individual points for the top twelve sectional qualifiers for the state championships will be based upon 25 % of seasonal points and 75 % of the sectional place at the championship race. In case of a tie, the racer who finished higher in the sectional race takes the higher place.

6. Awards
A. Boys:
1. Two Division Champion Plaques
2. One OCIAA League Champion Plaque
3. One Section IX Team Plaque
4. One Section IX Team Runner-Up Plaque

B. Girls:
1. Two Division Champion Plaques
2. One OCIAA League Champion Plaque
3. One Section IX Team Plaque
4. One Section IX Team Runner-Up Plaque

OCIAA Patches: Each team may purchase their own patches if they choose to do so.