Adopted June 2, 2004

1. The current National Federation of State High School Association Baseball Rules, NYSPHSAA Rules & Regulations and the following OCIAA adopted modifications will apply.

a. Modified baseball will use a fifteen (15) run rule after 4 ½ innings if the home team is leading by 15 runs or more, or 5 innings if the visiting team is leading by 15 runs or more.

b. The 6:00 p.m. curfew rule would prevail IF there was a local school rule designating this fact. The local rule would be that no inning may start after 6:00 p.m.

2. The official OCIAA baseball shall be the Rawlings R100. The home school is responsible for three (3) new baseballs. Weather conditions may necessitate the need for additional baseballs.

3. Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

a. When a coach is ejected from a game please refer to NYSPHSAA Handbook # 27 Sportsmanship.

b. When a player(s) is ejected from a game for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct, the following action will be taken:

(1) First ejection - that player(s) cannot attend or participate in the next scheduled game.

(2) Second ejection - that player(s) cannot attend or participate in the next two scheduled games.

(3) Third ejection - that player(s) cannot attend or participate in any remaining scheduled game including sectionals or any higher level of competition.

c. The official who ejected the player(s) will notify the OCIAA Athletic Coordinator (294-5799), prior to 12:00 noon the following day, of the name(s) of the player(s) and the type of infraction(s).

d. The coach of the player or players who was ejected will notify his/her Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will then contact the OCIAA Athletic Coordinator’s Office to confirm that the player or players will not be allowed to participate in that school’s next scheduled game or games as required above.

e. A player(s) who is ejected form a game, will not be allowed to be present at the site of any game that player(s) has been disqualified from participating in (home or away).

4. Baseball Umpires:

a. Will be assigned by the Athletic Coordinator, which includes all league, non-league and scrimmages games.

5. Pre-game Procedure:

a. 3:25 p.m. till 3:40 p.m., home team has field for warm-up.

b. 3:40 p.m. till 3:55 p.m., visiting team has field for warm-up.

c. 3:55 p.m., group rules

d. 4:00 p.m., play ball

e. Visiting team may have batting practice if there are two (2) batting areas.

f. If the visiting team arrives late, an adequate warm-up of no less than 15 minutes will be allowed. The home team should already have warmed-up and be ready to play.

6. Schedules:

a. Will be developed by the Athletic Coordinator.

b. Modified may not schedule more than 14 total games.

7. Game Conditions:

1. Pitchers must participate in at least 15 practices before an interschool game. For other requirements see chart p. 98. of the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A. Handbook.

2. Doubleheaders: A maximum of two (2) doubleheaders may be played during a season. The following restrictions apply to the use of doubleheaders:

a. The maximum number of doubleheaders allowed is tow (2).

b. A team may not play three (3) games in two (2) consecutive days. No more than three (3) games a week may be played.

c. Pitching limitations remain the same.

d. Each game of the doubleheader is to be six (6) innings. No team may play more than 14 innings in one day. This allows a total maximum of two (2) extra innings in the event of tie game(s).

3. Equipment

a. Catchers shall wear the full protective equipment of helmet, mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin guards and cup.

b. Batters and base runners shall wear protective headgear.

c. Any player warming up a pitcher, on or off the diamond, shall wear a mask.

d. Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program. Shoes with metal posts or spikes are not permitted in any modified sport.

8. Game Rules:

1. Regulation game shall be 7 innings.

2. A pitcher may pitch no more than 12 full innings in any one calendar week and no more than 7 innings in any one game. After pitching 4 or more full innings in any one game there must be a least 2 nights of rest before pitching again. When removed, the contestant may play any other position.

3. Designated hitter will not be allowed.

4. An extra player, referred to as EP is optional (on a game-by-game basis), but if one is used, it must be known prior to the start of the game (official lineup card) and be listed on the scoring sheet in the regular batting order. If the EP is used , he must be used for the entire game. Failure to complete the game with the EP results in the forfeiture of the game (except in case of injury or ejection from game with no eligible players left to enter, the rules permit play with eight men). If an EP is used, all 10 players bat, but only 9 can play defense each inning. The person designated as the EP (not a defensive player at the start of the game) may at a later time play a defensive position; the defensive player now is only a batter for that inning and not a fielder. There will always be one player in the lineup not on the field defensively. The EP may be substituted for at any time, either by a pinch-runner or pinch-hitter who then becomes the EP. The substitute must be a player who has not yet been in the game. Substitutes and reentry will be treated as in the past. A starter may re-enter the game into his same batting order position.